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Why Choose Us?

  • We specialize in liquid bulk shipments
  • Offering reliable, safe pick-up, delivery of your liquid freight
  • All carrier insurance certificates maintained in our office
  • Services liquid transportation needs in 48 states and Canada
  • A bonded, licensed liquid freight broker
  • All carrier insurance certificates maintained in our office
  • Exclusive use of licensed, insured liquid and bulk carriers
  • Proud to have over 75 shippers as our customers
  • Honored to contract with over 110 liquid and bulk carriers
  • Personal service at backhaul rates
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Providing quality liquid bulk service for over 20 years

Liquid Dispatch, Inc. is a transportation broker specializing in liquid bulk freight at backhaul rates.

We're a highly experienced group of transportation professionals, with the specialized knowledge needed for safe transportation of bulk liquids including chemical and petroleum products.

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More About Us

Our reputable carriers are both experienced and knowledgeable. With over 110 tank truck carriers across North America, we can match your liquid bulk freight with exact equipment needed at backhaul rates.

Liquid Dispatch specializes in interstate liquid bulk movements of 300 miles or more. This type of freight requires rigorous attention to detail, knowledge of products and equipment, and experience to prevent potential problems before they occur.  The liability and environmental consequences of contamination or improper equipment make it critical to have experience on your side. Liquid Dispatch is committed to safety and environmental responsibility, and we have the knowledge and experience to back up that commitment.