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We can be your corporate transportation expert without adding to your payroll. Keeping safety first, we provide experienced support coupled with excellent service to make your company more profitable.

You can benefit from our specialized knowledge of the bulk liquid industry and our extensive relationships with bulk liquid carriers. When you work with us, you have the inside edge. Since we help our carriers increase their loaded mile, they work with us to give you the best possible rates.

About Us

Liquid Dispatch began as a backhaul liquid bulk transportation broker in 1985. We are one of the oldest bulk liquid brokers in existence. Family owned and operated, we've been providing quality service for over 3 decades. The current team has been together since 1991 - that's 20 years with the same team. We've been around, and we will be around. We specialize in transportation of liquid chemical and petroleum products, and handle bulk liquid freight in the 48 contiguous states and into Canada.

Liquid Dispatch's transportation professionals know the industry. Among us, we have worked as driver, tank cleaner, dispatcher and terminal manager, and in Corporate settings in central dispatch and systems analysis. Our experience in trucking, and in the transportation industry, allow us to do more than just find you a tank truck for your load. When you call in, you speak directly with a knowledgeable transportation professional who can help assess your needs and match your load with the best solution for the best rate.

Our reputation in the tank truck community is outstanding. We have strong working relationships with 110 carriers, from major national carriers to small niche carriers that have wonderful rates in very specific lanes. Ask any of our carriers and you'll hear an exemplary recommendation for our knowledge, our honesty and fairness, and our problem solving skills. Our knowledge of each of these tank truck carriers, the type of equipment they have, the lanes they move in, the locations of their terminals, and the location of their individual trucks all factor into our decision of which carrier to use for each load. The depth and breadth of our carrier pool allows us to select the liquid bulk carrier which best fits your needs, considering safety, equipment needed, traffic lane, and pickup and delivery requirements.