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We work with carriers from all over the United States and Canada -- big, small, and in between. Carriers consistently tell us that our professional, knowledgeable, and responsive service is what makes us the best in the business and keeps customers coming back load after load.  See testimonials from current carriers and shippers here.  Contact us today for more information. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Liquid Dispatch is a backhaul broker, specializing in getting tanks home after they deliver in an area.  Rates are based on the origin and destination of the order, the equipment required for delivery, and the availability of units willing to offload in that part of the country. We specialize in long distance return loads over 600 miles. 

How do carriers get started with Liquid Dispatch?   

All of our carriers sign a brief contract of service to begin. After we find out what type of equipment you are using, we generally can find a load. Conversations are handled on an individual basis and we do not use a load board to post the loads.  We select which loads will work for your trucks and timing and send you a personal message to offer you specific loads which work for you. 


Many of our shipments are loaded onto stainless steel insulated trailers that have steam coils.  On the majority of our loads, a compressor or pump is required to offload the product, although we have a few customers that offload using their own equipment.  Depending on the order, a Center or Rear unload trailer is acceptable with a standard of 40’ of 3” hose. Contact us if you have any questions about the necessary equipment.

WHAT PROducts do you handle?

Much of what we ship are liquid chemical products. We do not handle fuel or food grade products. Most products are non-hazardous and easy tank cleans, in stainless steel tanks. We have other customers that ship a variety of products including some hazardous materials.

How do I maximize the chances of getting loads? 

Generally, the carriers that have the most success finding loads through Liquid Dispatch keep us posted as to when they would be unloading around the country. With some lead time, we can find you the most options for your driver. By keeping us updated to your schedules and what types of equipment will be delivering, we can keep an eye out for opportunities that best fit your needs.

Can I be sure I will be paid?  

We guarantee you will have your money within 30 days of the receipt of your invoice. Over 30 years in the industry and a reputation we are very proud of stands behind that guarantee.


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Where We Work 

Liquid Dispatch handles liquid freight loads from all over the United States and many parts of Canada. Here's just some of the distribution, dispatch, and delivery cities where we frequently connect loads.