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Liquid Dispatch connects shippers with the best carriers in the industry to ensure your bulk liquid products are safely and quickly delivered.  We save you money by connecting loads, streamlining routes and load times, and organizing backhauls. 


We work with carriers from all over the United States and Canada.  Big, small, and in between.  Carriers consistently tell us that our professional, knowledgeable, and responsive service is what makes us the best in the business and keeps customers coming back load after load. Visit our carrier page here.


Never used a tank or transportation broker before?  You'll save time and money by having Liquid Dispatch arrange your liquid backhaul loads.
How much idle time do your tank trucks have? How many return without loads? We make it easy to keep your trucks moving and maximize efficiency. Let us broker your next load and see the Liquid Dispatch difference.   

Liquid Dispatch began in January of 1985 in a time of great changes in the tank truck industry. Many brokers have come and gone over those intervening years.  Now, over thirty years later, Liquid Dispatch is a dynamic leader in the transportation community, connecting carriers and shippers across the country to provide safe, dependable and efficient transportation for millions of miles and hundreds of satisfied customers. We’re successful because we understand the chemical transportation business.  We have a solid reputation based on our performance and the honorable way we conduct our affairs.  Let us show you why.

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Hear what our customers are saying about Liquid Dispatch... 

There are so many freight brokers in this industry and many of which are unreliable or do not practice good ethics. Liquid Dispatch is the exception to this. I have been solicited by several other brokers, but have never used anyone else because Liquid Dispatch has always fulfilled all of our needs. This makes my job so much easier because I know that when I call, everything will be handled with the same concern that I would have take if I had handled it myself.
— Mary Emond, Traffic Controller, Pilot Industries

I have been doing business with Liquid Dispatch since 1987 and have enjoyed their promptness in returning quotes, their competitive prices, their pleasant and willing brokers who follow through with unexpected problems
— Rex Tottingham, President, Rejuvaseal